Commander's Action Line

WING MEMBERS: This hotline provides you with direct access to your wing commander, Col. Donald S. Wenke. It gives you another way to help improve the wing's operations and make it a better place to work.

You must read the guidelines below before submitting an Action Line item.


1. When appropriate, you must first attempt to address issues using your chain of command, or speak directly with the unit/agency responsible for the problem or situation. Your first sergeants, supervisors and commanders want to help. Please let them try. 

2. If you do not know how to proceed or if you have already tried your chain of command, then the Action Line may be appropriate. 

3. Action Line submissions that are not written in a professional military tone will be discarded. All others will be read.

4.  If an Action Line query is found to be of general interest to wing members, the query and a response will be published in the eGuardian.

5. Anonymous submission are highly discouraged, though they may be appropriate in limited circumstances. 


Go to the Contact Us page of this website. Click on the "Choose a recipient" drop-down menu, and select "Action Line." Fill out the fields as appropriate, and click "Send Message."