176th Communications Flight


The 176th Communications Flight provides cyber operations support to the five operational missions and various support functions of the 176th Wing on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Kulis ANG Base, and four geographically separated locations. 

Parent Unit 

The 176th Communications Flight falls under the command of the 176th Mission Support Group. 

Unit Mission

The mission of the 176th Communications Flight is to provide daily cyber operations support to the 176th Wing at home station, and to recruit, train, and provide combat-ready cyber support personnel for state and worldwide missions. The flight is composed of radio frequency transmission systems, client service center, cyber systems operations, cyber transport, quality assurance, knowledge operations management, cyber surety, and plans, programs, requirements, and resources. With six diverse and highly technical career fields, personnel are responsible for operating and maintaining complex information technology systems, to include computer network, closed circuit television, radio, satellite, and telephone systems. Additionally, the flight provides client services and knowledge operations services, assures the security and integrity of government information, acquires and accounts for information technology assets, and plans for current and future 176th Wing and mobility requirements. The State of Alaska can also call upon flight members to operate suitcase sized fly-away communications kits (DC3), as well the Joint Incident Site Command Cell (JISCC), a compact, mobile communications system designed to support emergency response anywhere in the state.


The 176th Communications Flight's authorized unit manning consists of 22 total personnel with 1 cyber operations officer and 21 cyber support enlisted members. 


Office phone: (907) 551-7635 
DSN: (317) 551-7635

Chief of Operations 
Office phone: (907) 551-7636 
DSN: (317) 551-7636

Chief of Plans
Office phone: (907) 907-551-7637 
DSN: (317) 551-7637


8515 Saville Avenue
JBER, AK 99506

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