The 176th Civil Engineer squadron allows the wing to fly, fight and win by developing, maintaining and operating air bases. Within that description lays an enormous range of specialties. Any given exercise or deployment might find the squadron's experts re-wiring buildings, surveying, excavating ditches, grading roads, installing plumbing and sheetrock, and providing fire protection.
Like most of the wing's units, the Civil Engineer Squadron has roles to play in both times of peace and of war.

The squadron's peacetime mission is to sustain basic engineering services that let the base operate effectively on a day-to-day basis. Its members support the base by performing facility maintenance, construction management, engineering design, crash-rescue services, fire suppression and disaster-preparedness planning. Part of this function is carried out by civilian employees of the State of Alaska's Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA), who operate and maintain base facilities and crash rescue capabilities for assigned aircraft. 

The squadron's wartime mission is to repair war damage to air bases, support force bed-down of Air Force units and weapons systems, operate and maintain air base facilities and utilities, provide crash rescue and fire suppression and identify unexploded ordnance. 

The 176th Civil Engineer Squadron is a component of the 176th Mission Support Group.

Emergency Management and Readiness 

The EM Flight program mitigates the effects of major accidents, natural disasters, conventional attacks, and terrorist use of CBRN materials on human lives, resources, and operations. The EM program encompasses emergency preparedness, incident management, passive defense, and consequence management.

Fire Emergency Services

Fire Emergency Services is a dynamic organization providing expeditionary Fire Rescue services in support of Federal Missions. Locally CEF provides an enhanced rapid response capability in support of Domestic Operations here in Alaska, and the Continental U.S. 

Operations Flight

Electrical/Power Production: The Electrical and Power Production shops install, operate, maintain and repair interior and exterior electrical systems, power generation and distribution systems. 

Engineering: The Engineering section performs architectural and civil engineering design, mapping, land surveying, planning, and contract management services. They use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographical Information System (GIS) software and computers with information gathered from GPS and TRAD survey equipment.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) / Refrigeration: The HVAC Shop installs, operates, maintains, and repairs heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems equipment, and their control systems. 

Operations Management: Operations Management is responsible for coordinating and tracking all time, material, and labor utilized for all work conducted by the Civil Engineering Operations Flight. It also is responsible for activating and managing the squadron's command and control center, in contingency, wartime, and peacetime situations.

Pavements and Equipment: Specialists with the Pavements and Equipment Shop operate heavy equipment, performing construction and maintenance of roads, airfields, and any excavation needed for site or facility construction. They also supply skilled operators to support the equipment needs of other functions.

Structural: Construction or repair of both the interior and exterior structures involving carpentry, metal work (welding, heavy steel and sheet metal), and masonry.

Utilities, Liquid Fuels, Environmental: The water and fuel systems maintenance and pest management personnel perform construction, repair, and maintenance of water, wastewater, and fuel systems. Pest management oversees extermination efforts to keep our facilities pest free.


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