The 176th Medical Group is a group of military health professionals primarily responsible for the force health management, individual medical readiness and performance enhancement of the operational and support personnel of the 176th Wing. They also oversee and manage the biological, chemical and radiation hazards of the environments in which they operate. 

The Medical Group is composed of aeromedical physicians, physician assistants, nurses, a dentist, optometrist, opthomologist, bioenvironmental engineer, public health officer, lab personnel, a command and control staff, medical services administration staff and supporting technicians for these services. It is a group of medical personnel assets trained and ready to be utilized by the State of Alaska in the event of natural disaster incident management, homeland defense, humanitarian relief efforts and foreign nation partnership building. The group is also a Total Force asset for the Nation, a resource of medical personnel trained to support the War on Terror, and world-wide contingencies employing the Expeditionary Medical Support (EMEDS) air transportable hospital. When not providing military medical service, the vast majority of our diverse MDG members are civilian medical professionals working in the Alaskan community. 

The MDG regularly participates in numerous local and global training exercises which ensure they are a highly capable, precise, reliable and disciplined medical support force for the state and nation. Members of the 176 MDG have voluntarily participated in and contributed to the Alaska-Mongolia National Guard State Partnership; Arctic Care, a humanitarian medical mission serving rural Alaskans; and national hurricane disaster relief. They have also proudly volunteered for service in war zones, most recently in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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