Incentive Adventures

Incentive Adventures
Experience the diverse missions of the busiest organization in the Air National Guard – your unit, the 176th Wing! Virtually fly the most versatile airlifter in the U.S. inventory or jump from an HC-130J. There are a number of opportunities to experience the unique capabilities of the wing. Contact your chain of command to sign up.

Mission Essential Personnel (MEP) for Operations:
Participate with ground-party for drop zone operations for our Guardian Angels, role play as passengers in the most versatile airlifter in the U.S. inventory (C-17A Globemaster III), or participate as a simulated survivor for scenarios with the most highly specialized fixed-wing combat rescue platform (HC-130J Combat King II).

Virtual Reality Room
The Maintenance Group provides a realistic virtual reality experience for C-17, HC-130J and  HH-60 aircraft. These courses will enhance your general aircraft systems knowledge and even specific tasks that will let you go as far as starting engines or even change an HC-130J tire without getting any grease on you! For an opportunity to use this, please go to MXG Training office in Building 16468 Rm 213.

Tandem Jump
Jump out of a perfectly good airplane under the expert tutelage of a 212th Rescue Squadron Combat Rescue Officer or Pararescueman. During a tandem jump, you will be attached to an expert parachutist and get a glimpse of what it’s like jumping and infiltrating for search-and-rescue/personnel recovery operations. You will jump from a 211th Rescue Squadron HC-130J Combat King II, a 210th Rescue Squadron HH-60G Pave Hawk, or a 144th Airlift Squadron C-17 Globemaster III.

Hoist to Safety
Play the part of an isolated individual in need of rescue, hoisting from a remote Alaska location like a glacier to the safety of a hovering HH-60G Pave Hawk operated by pilots and Special Mission Aviators of the 210th Rescue Squadron. You will become familiar with search and rescue operations prosecuted by the all-weather Pave Hawk decked out with advanced optics.

Heavy-Equipment Earth Movers      
Get behind the controls of the fleet of earth movers operated by the 176th Civil Engineer Squadron, including excavators, graters, backhoes, dump trucks, front-end loaders, and skid steers. Experience the combination of horsepower and hydraulic lift as you get a taste of the skill required to reshape the earth to make a field landing strip or a remote highway.

Virtual Use-of-Force Trainer
The 176th Security Forces Squadron simulator provides highly realistic use-of-force training that develops the skills required by law enforcement, security and military personnel, who are armed with both lethal and less-lethal weapons. Use of virtual technology pushes you to make split-second decisions in simulated life-or-death situations.

Cyber Defense Simulation
Airmen of the 176th Communications Flight host a simulation where you get the opportunity to shore up security for the unit’s information grid while fending off attacks from ever-more-clever and adaptive simulated cyber foes. Get an understanding of what it takes to defend this elusive domain that becomes more important every day to national security.