176th Maintance Groups Jobs

Career Fields

Critical Career Fields 

2A5X1 Crew Chief 
Take control of your Air National Guard experience and take the lead as a C-130 or C-17 crew chief. They pave the way for other mechanics by coordinating all maintenance. 

2A5X2 Helicopter Maintenance 

These are the guys who maintain, launch and recover their Helicopters in a way that has made them the premiere Rescue unit in the World. Their mission saves lives everyday! 

2A5X3 Integrated Avionics 
As an avionics technician you'll gain electronics repair skills and the experience needed to step into many aviation and telecommunication jobs. Qualified technicians are in steady demand to maintain electronic counter measures, GPS, flight director, radar, communication, auto-pilot, and navigation equipment, both in the National Guard, and in the civilian market. Stay on the cutting edge of a constantly evolving industry as an avionics technician! 

2A6X1 Engine Mechanic  
Release your inner gearhead as an Engine Mechanic! Work jet & turbine engines in a modern facility and in the fast paced flight line environment while gaining the experience you'll need for a civilian Airframe & Powerplant license. 

2A6X2  Aerospace Ground Equipment 

If working with small engines gets your heart racing, then this is the job for you. Jump start your dream of owning your own business. 

2A6X4 Fuel Systems 
Be a part of the action as the aerial refueling systems you maintain enables an HH-60 helicopter to execute a save in rural Alaska. Get paid to gain experience on C-17 and C-130 aircraft needed for costly civilian certificates in hazardous material handling and enclosed space operations. Join the Fuel Systems team and give your career some gas! 

2A6X5 Aircraft Hydraulics 
Find the strength to move mountains as an Aircraft Hydraulic Systems Mechanic! Rebuild and modify components that give the aircraft direction, such as flight controls, landing gear and other subsystems. Overhaul and test vital rescue assets, like in-flight refueling reel assemblies. It takes a hydro mechanic to make an airplane fly! 

2A6X6 Aircraft Electrical 
Join the aircraft electrical systems shop and you'll be in for a shock! Your training will not only cover aircraft electrical and power distribution, but also liquid oxygen, power generation equipment, and bleed air for starting the aircraft engines! 

2W0X1 Munitions  and 2W1X1 Weapons 
Make some sparks an a Munitions and Weapons specialist! Get paid to do what you love while loading pyro on C-130's and mounting and testing 7.62 miniguns on our HH-60 Pavehawks. 

Non-Critical Career Fields

2A7X1 Metals Technology 
We will provide you the training necessary to become a certified military aviation welder. Our training will make it possible to get a job as a welder anywhere! You will also be taught how to fabricate tools and aircraft components. 

2A7X2 Non Destructive Inspection  
You can have the foundation for a career that is the "CSI" of Aircraft maintenance. Investigate using x-ray, magnetic, ultrasound, and other inspection techniques to find defects and insure the integrity of the aircraft.

2A7X3 Structural Specialist 

Take a position as an aircraft structural specialist and you'll be the backbone of the fleet! Our structural specialists fabricate and repair the aircraft skin and underlying frame as well as repair of Kevlar and Carbon Fiber and perfecting painting skills.

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