Airman and Family Readiness Program

Readiness is one of the key concepts underlying the Air National Guard. Our members must be prepared -- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually -- to be called to duty on short notice. 

The National Guard long ago realized that readiness was not a purely military matter. A deployed airman is going to be more focused and effective if he or she is not worrying about family and other matters back home. 

The 176th Wing's Airman and Family Programs Office supports the military readiness of the wing by providing programs that enhance the welfare and morale of service members and their families. It: 



  • establishes a level of awareness among leaders, service members and family members that encourages retention and improves readiness; 
  • emphasizes the importance of the family and supports family member participation in unit activities. 
  • ensures that ID cards, commissary privilege cards and family handbooks are issued to family members, and that yearly information briefings are conducted. 
  • educates service members and families about the existence and nature of their benefits and entitlements, both in their current status and upon mobilization; and
  • links service members and families with available and appropriate resources.





Your 176th Wing Airman and Family Readiness Program Manager is: 

10480 Sijan Avenue
JBER, AK 99506
Office: (907) 551-7649
DSN: (317) 551-7649 

"My job here at the Wing is to assist you and your family with just about anything you may need: financial help, counseling, looking for daycare, relationship issues, deployments and/or anything else that impacts you or your family. "

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