210th Rescue Squadron (210RQS)

The 210th squadron proudly traces its lineage back to World War II to the 10th Emergency Boat Rescue Squadron of the 11th Army Air Force, which patrolled the Aleutian chain as well as Alaska coastal waters. Hence the name, Second Tenth Rescue Squadron, or 210th for short. The 210th Rescue Squadron was activated in 1990. 

Since that time the Squadron has conducted 24 hour 365 rescue alert for the citizens of Alaska and has saved in-excess of a thousand Alaskans from certain death. 

In addition to our peacetime mission, we also train for our wartime mission of combat search and rescue. We are an instrument of national power, recovering downed airman or isolated personnel from harms way is the right thing to do and supports the rescue motto, "that others may live".

Parent Unit

The 210th and its sister rescue squadrons together form the 176th Operations Group, one of four groups (Operations, Maintenance, Medical and Mission Support) that in turn make up the 176th Wing.


Office phone: (907) 551-3006
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JBER, AK 99506 

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