176th Operations Support Squadron(OSS) - Established 14 May 2010


The Mission of the 176OSS is to "Provide exceptional Operations Support to the largest and most diverse Operations Group in the Air National Guard. 
The 176OSS is made up 90 Alaska Air National Guardsmen divided into nine functional areas serving the needs of six operational squadrons totaling 604 manpower positions. These nine areas include a Command Section(CC), Combined Orderly Room/Commanders Support Section(CSS), Current Operations(OSO), Aviation Resource Management System(OSOF), Training(OST), Weapons and Tactics(OSK), Airfield Management(OSA), Intelligence(OSI) and Aircrew Flight Equipment(OSL).


The 176th Operations Support Squadron is a component of the 176th Operations Group.


Combined Orderly Room/Commanders Support Staff (CSS)

The CSS is responsible for a multitude of takings supporting the Operations Group Commander. The CSS processes the leave, time cards and orders of all members in the 176th Operations Group. They are also the technical experts who the Operations Group members contact when in need of computer support or having been locked out of their network accounts. This staff ensures standardization and accountability of documents, filing plans and all computer equipment for the entire Operations Group. 

Current Operations - 176OSS/OSO

The Current Operations Flight is responsible for the scheduling of all takeoff/land times, local airspace, range, low level, drop zone and air refueling missions as well as for the coordination of world-wide mission tasking for all 176th Operations Group aircraft. This flight is co-located with the 3OSS Current Operations to ensure coordination and deconfliction with all other Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson aviation assets. To accomplish this mission, Current Operations staff members bring together information from dozens of different units, agencies and even governments from around the world. They coordinate all TDY's, DV flights, incentive flights and any other special taskings like "Operations Santa" bringing presents to Alaska Village children. 

Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) - 176OSS/OSOF

The Aviation Resource Management System Flight is responsible for monitoring the flight duty readiness of all 176th Operations Group crewmembers. The ARMS Flight coordinates with each of the six operations squadrons to track, validate and document all training, flying hour and medical records ensuring compliance with all Air Force Instructions. This Flight is responsible for the maintenance of over 350 aircrew records folders conducting annual reviews and recertification's for each aircrew member.

Training - 176OSS/OST

The Training Flight is responsible for all formal and annual training for the 176th Operations Group personnel. This Flight is also tasked with Unit Training Assembly scheduling and oversight of all Operations Group training managers. 

Weapons and Tactics - 176OSS/OSK 

The Weapons and Tactics Flight is responsible for weapons and tactics training, scheduling and planning for all 176th Operations Group exercises. This flight ensures that all Operations Group crewmembers are properly trained and educated on the latest developments within the C-17, C-130H, HC-130, HH-60, Guardian Angel and BCS-F weapons systems. 

Airfield Management - 176OSS/OSA

The Airfield Management Flight is responsible for the inspection of aircraft parking ramps and runway operations areas ensuring that they are in an operable state free from any hazards to aircraft. This flight ensures that aircrew members have current flight information kits composed of maps, necessary publications and local area supplements. This flight also request weather, aids in flight planning and filing, coordinates with other airfield management agencies and ensures services and support for transient aircraft and aircrews. 

Intelligence - 176OSS/OSI 

The Intelligence Flight is responsible for supporting the most Complex Wing in the ANG with the mission to "Attract and Develop Mission-Ready Airmen to Serve Alaska and the United States." The Intelligence Flight performed at the outstanding level during the 2009 Operational Readiness Inspection and continues to excel today. Their many responsibilities require them to train and evaluate all team members on developing technologies and tactics to ensure combat mission execution and survival. 

Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) -176OSS/OSL

Aircrew Flight Equipment Flight is comprised of four separate sections working together to meet the needs of the largest and most diverse operations group in the Air National Guard. 

The Oxygen Section works on flight helmets, night vision goggles, chemical defense gear and emergency oxygen systems for all aircrew members. 
The Flight Line Section inspects and maintains parachutes, life rafts, life preservers, survival kits, survival vests and anti-exposure suits. The Flight Line section changes out and inspects all aircraft lifesaving equipment every thirty days. Lastly they custom fabricate sewing projects for aircraft and aircrew members alike. 

The Strategic Air Section is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of life support equipment for the C-17 aircraft. 

The Guardian Angel Section is responsible for the maintenance and inspection of the 212th pararescue section's life support and parachute equipment. This section is responsible for everything from custom fabricating Guardian Angel mission essential equipment, maintaining aircrew helmets and oxygen systems, to inspecting and repacking aerial delivery, ram air, static-line square and round parachute systems on a daily basis. 


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