176th Security Forces Squadron


The 176 Security Forces mission is to lead, manage, supervise, and perform security force activities, including installation, weapon system, and resource security, antiterrorism, law enforcement and investigations, air base defense, armament and equipment, training, pass and registration, information security, and combat arms for the men and women of the 176th Wing.

The unit was stood up in 1976 and designated as the 176th Weapon System Security Flight (WSSF). With an original 6 members, one of which a fulltime employee, these people laid the foundation to what is now a much larger, extremely versatile, motivated, highly trained "Family" of Security Forces men and Women. In 1989, the unit was re-designated as the 176th Security Police Flight (SPF) and later in 1994 a Security Police Squadron (SPS). In 1997 the Security Police career field was renamed to Security Forces (SF) and remains to this day. The 176th SFS has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge within its members. Prior Active duty Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines, Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement officials, Alaska National Guard Counter Drug Support Program members, Correctional Officers and Retail Loss Prevention officers are some of the occupations that are held by our true "Weekend Warriors."


The men and women of the 176th SFS have been all over the world in support of many different peace time and war time operations. Some of the peace time support locations included Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Mongolia, and Germany to name a few. Some of the war time contingencies include Panama for Operation Desert Shield, Kuwait for Operation Desert Storm, Turkey for Operation Northern Watch, Saudi Arabia for Operation Southern Watch, Kuwait and Iraq for Iraqi Freedom and Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan for Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Parent Unit

The 176th security forces squadron is a component of the 176th Mission Support Group


Office phone: (907) 551-7661
Alternate Office: (907) 552-4810

DSN: (317) 551-7661


8515 Saville Avenue
JBER, AK 99506

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