176th Force Support Squadron

Formed in September 2009 through the merger of the 176th Services Flight and the 176th Mission Support Flight, the 176th Force Support Flight was converted to the 176th Force Support Squadron in May of 2021 and is one of the most diverse units in the 176th Wing.

It's mission is:

To provide world-class support and quality of life to our customers through outstanding community services, personnel, education, training, manpower, career assistance, and airman and family support services ... and to produce the best trained and motivated warriors who are ready to deploy and defend our nation on a moment's notice. 


The 176th Force Support Squadron is a squadron of the 176th Mission Support Group 



The Force Support Squadron contains three flights: Force Development; Military Personnel; and Sustainment Services.

Force Development conducts education and training (E&T) tasks for maintenance, operations, and support training; education services; curriculum development; and instructor activities. Its members develop, deliver and evaluate E&T programs and oversee E&T activities. 

Military Personnel supervises and performs personnel activities and functions, including personnel action requests; source documents; unit, field, and master personnel records; and Commander's Support Staff (CSS) tasks. 

Sustainment Services manages and directs services programs, operations, and retail operations. Its members supervise and works in food-service activities; lodging activities; recreation, fitness and sports programs; linen exchange and laundry operations; mortuary affairs programs; honor guard teams; and services readiness programs. 

Contact Information 

Office phone: (907) 551-0192/0193
DSN: (317) 551-0192/0193


17441 Airlifter Drive
JBER, AK 99506

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