Alaska air guardsmen join spring cleaning efforts

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. N. Alicia Goldberger
  • 176 WG
176 Wing air guardsmen of all ranks combed the grounds for litter around their workplaces May 6 to 10 as part of the base's Spring Cleanup, combining efforts with Anchorage's citywide cleanup week.

Part of the National Guard culture is pride and ownership.

"We do this because it's a reflection of us," said Chief Master Sgt. Paul Verrier, this year's wing cleanup coordinator. "For the same reason you rake your yard. It's because our name is on the mailbox."

Spring cleaning after the snow melts is a tradition for 176 Wing members from their days on Kulis Air National Guard Base. After winter breakup of the snow and ice, a lot of trash is revealed. Wing members did not just find trash, but a little cash and a few smiles, as well.