176 Wing earns positive inspection grade

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. N. Alicia Goldberger
  • 176 Wing

The 176 Wing finished a triple inspection from its higher headquarters Mar 12 with an overall satisfactory grade in all three.

A satisfactory grade means the wing is effective and competent.

"We have an outstanding group of people doing amazing things every day," said Chief Master Sgt. Steven Calvin, command chief of the 176 Wing. "I think that's been proven through this inspection."

The 176 Wing received three separate inspection teams from three individual agencies simultaneously over a ten-day period. The teams worked together to accomplish their mission and avoid redundant inspections. The inspections ensure units are compliant with laws and regulations.

"We have to maintain integrity and build faith and confidence in the community," said Col. Donald Wenke, the 176 Wing's commander. "Compliance shows we are good stewards of their tax dollars. Our job is to organize, train and be equipped. We need tax-payer money to do that so we can defend our state and nation."

The Health Services Inspection (HSI) of the medical group, performed by a team from the Air Force Inspection Agency, was the first assessment to be completed.

"We had done over 120 internal self-inspections before they came," said Lt. Col. Sharolyn Lange, the chief of nursing services for the 176 Medical Group. "I already knew what programs needed work."

In the end, the inspection team stated how the inspection score validates the 176 Medical Group as "fully engaged and prepared to ensure continued mission success."

Outstanding performers like Tech. Sgt. Leslie Kemper, an aerospace medical journeyman with the medical group, received recognition from the HSI team lead for going over and beyond with their programs.

"We pulled a lot of 12-hour days," said Kemper, adding that she and her co-workers wanted the wing to be proud.

The series' two other inspections, the Logistics Compliance Assessment Program (LCAP) and the Consolidated Unit Inspection (CUI), wrapped up simultaneously. The LCAP evaluates all logistics processes in a unit's logistics readiness squadron and its maintenance group. It concentrates mainly on personnel task proficiency, while the CUI is more process and record oriented.

The wing's agencies put in much effort, overcoming many obstacles to obtain their scores.

"In the past 12 months, we've picked up a wing, moved, had two major deployments and prepared seven and a half months, all without cessation of flying," said Capt. Luke Davis, the logistics operations officer from the 176 Logistics Readiness Squadron, commenting about the logistics squadron's challenges.

Several agencies received an "excellent," and the 212 Rescue Squadron in particular received an "outstanding," the highest score possible.

The inspections also help improve processes across the Air Force. One program developed by Master Sgt. Brian Neild, the human resource systems manager from the Force Support Flight, was eyed by the inspectors for such possible use.

"Beyond compliance with the regulations and checklists, the inspectors are looking for innovation," said Neild, explaining why he had been recognized an outstanding performer. "I developed a database, implemented it, and shared it throughout the Guard."

Under the direction of the wing commander and lead of the wing's chief of exercises and plans, Lt. Col. David Looney, wing members have been preparing for the inspections since before their move to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson a year ago.

Looney ensured the wing agencies were running their respective self-inspection programs and using the Management Internal Control Toolset, a system containing compliance inspection checklists. The wing had more than 18,000 checklist requirements to meet.

Though the wing scored well, it still has things to work on.

"This is a down-in-the-weeds inspection," Looney said. "There's no way we'd have everything."

The inspection may be over, but the wing's efforts are not.

"Our work is not done," said Col. Robert Doehl, the wing vice commander. "We have a couple of areas that require some attention and we all have areas identified for us where we can make improvements. Moreover, we must now set a pace and expectation that we sustain and build upon the programs we have made and modified since we arrived on JBER less than a year ago."

The wings scores were well-received by leadership, and recognized as an effort on the part of its members.

"I would like to say thank you to the members of this wing," Wenke said. "Thank you for the hard work you put in to make this a success. Everyone should be proud of the scores they received."

Inspection Outstanding Performers

Health Services Inspection

Lt Col Sharolyn Lange, 176 MDG - Coined

MSgt Heather Paxson, 176 MDG - Outstanding Performer Certificates
TSgt Leslie Kemper, 176 MDG - Outstanding Performer Certificates
SrA Daniel Miceli, 176 MDG - Outstanding Performer Certificates

Consolidated Unit Inspection

MSgt Jeremy L. Lilly, 212 RQS - Coined
TSgt Rebecca M. Cole, 176 LRS - Coined
TSgt Samuel M. Cooper, 176 OSS - Coined
TSgt Keith A. Greenhalgh, 176 ACS - Coined

MSgt Michelle A. Davidson, 176 OSS
MSgt Brian W. Neild, 176 FSF
TSgt James W. Holbrook, 176 MDG
TSgt James A. Rash, 176 FSF
Ms. Jill C. Meszaros, 176 FSF

176 Chaplain Corps Team: Lt Col Richard Cavens, Maj Matthew M. Friese, Capt Brian E. Musselman, TSgt Julie A. Arthur, SSgt Kimberly Glasco

176 OSS Tactics: Maj Marty A. Armentrout, Maj Eric D. Budd, Maj Douglas C. Dickson, Capt Jeremy D. Groat, Capt Jay A. Casello, Capt Hans W. Jagow, MSgt Sean P. Mitchell, TSgt Andre M. Marron, SSgt Danielle M. Dretzka

210 RQS Training Flight: Capt Kevin W. Asher, MSgt Robert C. Carte

Logistics Compliance Assessment Program

MSgt Kevin Johnson, LGRV
TSgt Rebecca Cole, LGRM
SSgt Olivia Munroe, MXAFS
SSgt Robert Propst, MOF
SSgt Kayla J. Tomlinson, MXMP

176 LRS Training Team: 2Lt Yutashea Zirkle, MSgt Cheryl Stocks

176 MXS Fuels Team: MSgt Travis Oaks, TSgt Kyle Ferguson, SSgt David Eggleston, SSgt Paul Fernandez, SSgt Nicklaus Webster

LCAP Honor Roll:
SMSgt Joslyn Childs, LGLO
MSgt James Brewer, LGRM
MSgt Stephen Gorgon, LGRDA
MSgt Harold Meier, MXQ
MSgt Larry Osborn, MXAA
MSgt Jack Parks, LGRDD
TSgt Darick, Butman, MXAA
TSgt Steve Cherry, MXQ
TSgt Michael Cooper, LGRM
TSgt Robert Dubinsky, MXMCR
TSgt Taggert Hoopert, MXMA
TSgt Rick Howard, LGRV
TSgt Lindy Johnston, MXQ
TSgt Damon Jackson, MXQ
TSgt Patrick McGrain, MXOOM
TSgt Steve Monday, LGRDDC
TSgt Jason Padgett, MXMV
TSgt Maria Pranke, MXQ
TSgt Leslie Simoni, MXAA
TSgt Royce Talley, LGRV
TSgt Daniel Thornburg, MXQ
TSgt JoAnn Vlasoff, MXOOP
SSgt Arlton Abordonado, LGRDDR
SSgt Ryan Audett, MXQ
SSgt Eric Brinkman, MXMT
SSgt Devin Hickey, MXMTC
SSgt Edward Lee, MXMT
SSgt Veronica Lombard, MXQ
SSgt Adrian Miller, LGRDDC
SSgt Lucy Orozco, MXOOP
SSgt Nicholas Sanford, MXMT
SSgt Justin Smith, LGRV
SSgt David Williams, LGRDA
SrA Michael Goshue, MXAA
SrA Blain Watkins, MXAA
A1C Tobias Morgan, MXAA
A1C Stephan Quinones, MXMP