Alaska Air Guard HR advisor retires

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. N. Alicia Halla
  • 176 WG
The 176th Wing and the Air National Guard lost one of its top human resource strategists to the civilian world Dec. 6 when Chief Master Sgt. William Yockell, the wing's HRA, celebrated his retirement here.

During his 27 years of service, Yockell made his most notable mark not only on his colleagues, but on the Air National Guard's diversity project.

Proof of his character and achievements were not only the list of medals and awards, but in accolades sent from Alaska's senators and National Guard Bureau officials.

In his farewell speech, Yockell admitted wondering if he'd done enough in his time, if his life had the meaning he desired. He left off with an answer from Peter Singer:

We make our lives most meaningful when we connect ourselves with some really important causes. We contribute to that, so that we feel that, because we lived, something has gone a little better... We contributed in however small a way to making the world a better place.

"We're part of the Air National Guard in the best country in the world," Yockell said. "It's been my honor and pleasure to serve."