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  • A Piece of History Parked in front of Hangar 18

    Editor's note: The following is a mix of historical data and shared words from Charles Young, son of Col. Charles Young (ret.), Commander of the 439th Troop Carrier Group. Col. Young and his son authored a book together called, "Into the Valley", which included never before seen formation charts,

  • My Fitness Journey

    I was never the most gifted kid when it came to athletics. I loved baseball and football, and I truly loved being outside during school for recess. But as I got older, I found video games and lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle. I started to get heavy, and I stopped playing sports. When I got to high

  • Back from Israel

    What a wonderful opportunity I was afforded to deploy recently with our 176th Civil Engineer Squadron to Israel. When Lt. Col. Andrew Mamrol, the Squadron's commander, suggested I go along, I declined, thinking it was some sort of "chief gimme." However, after hearing him out, he convinced me that

  • Recruiting and retention

    Hello Enlisted Force of the Alaska Air National Guard! I'm CMSgt. Dennis Hogan, and I'd like to share a few things with you. I was raised in a working class family where the lessons taught were simple and the keys to success were hard work and honesty. I see these qualities in our Enlisted Force

  • Seeing new possibilities

    If it looks as though each UTA brings new changes to the Wing, there's good reason for the feeling: It's true. While the wing is certainly not alone in these changing times, we are perhaps one of the most deeply affected units in the ANG. This is my first UTA serving as Vice Commander for the Wing.

  • 176th Wing named Air Force Outstanding Unit

    I am deeply honored to report that the Air Force has named the 176th Wing as a recipient of the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for our service to the nation from Aug. 31, 2005 to Sept. 1, 2007. It is a competitive award, but even before we completed our application, there was no doubt our