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  • Alaska National Guard brings Christmas gifts to Eskimo kids

    Alaska National Guard members brought Christmas gifts for children in the remote village of St. Michael, Alaska, as part of Operation Santa, an Alaska National Guard outreach program to build personal connections with rural communities across the state. This is the program's 61st year.

  • Going the distance, Alaska Air Guardsman runs marathon of marathons

    At a distance of 26.2 miles, running a marathon is no small feat. Likewise, having the opportunity to visit each of the 50 states is a goal that not all people have a chance to accomplish in their lifetime. For one Alaska Air National Guardsmen, the goal was to run a marathon in each of the 50

  • CE beats the heat

     "Coffee! Coffee!" Penny yells as he starts to boil water on a Sterno stove in the driver's cab of a front-end loader. A few minutes later the brew is done and the familiar call of "Coffee-Coffee"" brings American troops and Israeli contractors over for a much-needed break. Led by deployed commander

  • Alaskans support their National Guard members

    Carl Bradford is one member of the Alaska Guard family who never wears a uniform and never stands in formation. Yet he is present at nearly every Guard award ceremony or public event. At his suggestion, the organization he represents has provided thousands of dollars in awards to outstanding

  • Alaska's newest airlifter -- Globemaster III arrives

    One of the eagerly anticipated changes in the Alaska Air National Guard this year was the C-17 mission. When the first Globemaster touched down in Alaska, it came with opportunity. Lt. Col. Carl Lincoln opened the door when that opportunity came knocking, training to be the AKANG's first C-17 pilot.

  • It's history -- Behind the display case

    Telling whether something is trivial or truly historical is a matter of judgement. Does the item tell the story of the people, place and/or time from which it came? A bit of concrete from a wall in Germany is trivial; a bit of concrete from the destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1990 is

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