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Strengthening resilience to protect our populations (international)
Nov. 6, 2021 | 1:10
We don’t know exactly what new challenges are ahead of us, but we can help preparing our countries’ capabilities and infrastructure, and exercise together so we’re ready to face any threat. Whether it’s ensuring our military forces can effectively operate in peace, crisis or conflict, or tackling cyber or armed attacks, terrorism or the effects of climate change, resilience is our first line of defence and underpins our ability to defend each other. Resilience is a national responsibility and a collective commitment. NATO helps Allies evaluate their level of preparedness with baseline requirements to make sure that their systems, infrastructure and services – in vital sectors such as transport, energy, communications, health, and food and water – are ready no matter how demanding the circumstance. Looking to the future, we are taking steps to take an even broader and more coordinated approach to resilience. The #NATO2030 initiative is about the future of NATO: making sure that our Alliance remains ready today to face tomorrow's challenges, and how NATO will continue to keep us safe in the next decade and beyond. Footage includes shots of NATO and Allied exercises.

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